Engimechtech manufacture a variety of twisted, disc,wheel and rotary brushes for surface conditioning removing burrs sharp edges and deburring applications in aerospace and aircraft industries. Working closely with engine parts manufacturers and other aircraft design engineers, we design brushes that meet the needs of both internal and external parts finishing.

Our wire and abrasive brush product line works to round sharp edges,deburring and remove metal flakes, condition surfaces to eliminate any potential loose metal that can besmirch engine oil or oil filters and affect normal engine operation.

Our manufacturing style meets specific design specifications which include filament type and density, diameter, and length.

Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes

Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes

  • 1. Finishing and Deburring cast aluminum engine heads
  • 2. Sharp edges and Removing burrs on machined flat surfaces of cast aluminum engine parts
  • 3. Surface finishing and burr removal on hydraulic components

Twisted Brushes

  • 1. Deburring cross-hole intersections in machined valve bodies and manifolds
  • 2. Deburring camshaft bores and crankcase bores
  • 3. Debris removal and cleaning internal bores on cast engine blocks
  • 4. Finishing and polishing small inside diameter holes on machined parts

Wheel Brushes

  • 1. Deburring turbine engine blades
  • 2. Finishing and Polishing of surface

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