Construction/Utility Products

Engimechtech provides an abrasive line of brushes for construction site applications and surface conditioning and deburring applications within the industries that manufacture HVAC, water heating/cooling, conditioning and treatment systems equipment.

Working closely with product design engineers, we design brushes that meet the rigorous needs of both internal and external parts finishing in the manufacturing process. Our abrasive product line works to round sharp edges, remove metal flakes and condition surfaces within HVAC and water treatment/heater systems. Brush conditioning works to eliminate any potential loose metal that can affect machinery performance and water purification and cleanliness. Our engineering staff will work with machinery manufacturers to satisfy exact specifications including abrasive filament options, diameter, length, thickness and density.

Our abrasive twisted brushes are also used in work-site construction applications for concrete port drilling. A wide array of Trade abrasive fitting brushes are used in plumbing, HVAC and industrial tube cleaning applications and are offered in a variety of stiffness, sizes, wire materials and construction, and handles.

Mini Disc Brush

Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes

  • 1. On-site concrete drilling applications
  • 2. HVAC systems parts deburring and finishing
  • 3. Water heating/cooling systems parts deburring and finishing
  • 4. Water conditioning and treatment systems parts deburring and finishing
Abrasive Twisted Brushes

Abrasive Twisted Brushes

  • On-site construction cleaning of plumbing pipes
  • Cleaning of plumbing, HVAC and industrial tube fittings

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