Engimechtech provides a variety of twisted, disc and rotary brushes for surface conditioning and deburring applications within the military machinery industries. Working closely with parts suppliers and other military equipment manufacturers, we design brushes that meet the rigorous needs of both internal and external parts finishing.

Our abrasive product line works to round sharp edges and condition surfaces within engine cylinders, manifolds and hydraulic components with uniform filament distribution, providing a smooth, consistent finish. Brush conditioning works to eliminate any potential loose metal and remove flakes that can contaminate engine oil or oil filters and affect normal engine operation as well as offers significant benefits in increasing throughput and enhanced cutting action. Our engineering staff will work with machinery manufacturers to specifications including filament type, grit, density, diameter, and length.

For sealing applications, our engineers will work to design a specific strip brush for seating, console, window and door applications as well as specialty applications such as gun turrets and other critical moving apparatuses.

We work with military manufacturers and field users to provide replacement parts and repairs.

Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes

Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes

  • Deburring and finishing cast aluminum engine heads
  • Removing burrs and sharp edges on machined flat surfaces of cast aluminum engine intake manifolds
  • Surface finishing and burr removal on hydraulic components
Abrasive Twisted Brushes

Abrasive Twisted Brushes

  • Deburring cross-hole intersections in machined valve bodies and manifolds
  • Deburring camshaft bores and crankcase bores
  • Debris removal and cleaning internal bores on cast engine blocks
  • Finishing and polishing small inside diameter holes on machined parts
Formed Strip Brushes

Formed Strip Brushes

  • Deburring turbine engine blades

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