Buffing And Polishing Rottery Brush

Buffing And Polishing Rottery Brush

Rotary brushes, also referred to as Roller Brush, pickling brush, cylinder or coil brushes, are manufactured by Trade Brush in both power construction and a stapled set construction. Our product offering includes our specially designed conveyor brushes as well as our custom designed rotary brushes for specific application or size specification needs.

We offers several styles of rotary brushes with different metal back sizes and various length, filament type and core material options including:

• Cylinder Brushes are rotary brushes that are in a cylinder-shaped, and are generally longer than the diameter of the brush.
• Wheel brushes are rotary brushes that are rather flat, having a much longer diameter than the actual brush length.
• Cup brushes are rotary brushes that have bristles on one side, and can be rotated on a shaft.

Apart from this. we are dedicated to meeting customer requirements for standard and custom-designed industrial brushes. We are in business to satisfy our customers by delivering reliable brush products and application design services in a timely manner and at a competitive price. We maintain a reputation for high quality products and services by working to continually improve our processes, products, and performance, and by maintaining good working relationships with customers and suppliers.

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